Behavior of the Australian Pokie Player

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There are always people who will base their opinions of a race, a gender, a religion or a nationality on the actions of a few or on what they see portrayed in movies. And forever will that group be tainted for that person or persons by that stereotype that they saw on the big screen or in a bar at 1:00 am in the morning. It’s just part of the wonderful world of human behaviors. We all have a tendency to do that and it takes a strong willed person to go against that and always judge people by their own actions.

For many non-Australian people out there they have an image in their minds about how Australians should act. And most of those assumptions are based on the Paul Hogan motion pictures of Crocodile Dundee. Here’s a wakeup call people, those were movies based on a characterization by the actor. Very few Australian people act like Paul Hogan in those movies. Australian people are really the same as everyone else in the western world. There are city people and country people, highly educated people and low educated people and there are many Australian people who have never thrown a boomarang just like the rest of the world. How many American people have shot a bow & arrow or smoked a peace pipe? Very few. Get the idea? It’s called stereotyping people.

So, now that you know that Australians are just like everyone else, then how are they as gamblers? And in particular slots/pokies players?

People are people, no matter where you go and Australians are people.

And when you get people in a casino they tend to act in certain patterns of behavior based on statistical averages that have been cataloged over the years by psychologists and behaviorists. For starters in brick and mortar casinos there is an unusual sort of camaraderie that evolves in the aisles and aisles of slots/pokie machines. It is a kind of fellowship that occurs when a group of people are all going through a similar experience that entails certain hardships. In the case of slots/pokies players it is the virtually endless cycle of coin in, push button (or pull lever), wait and deal with loss, then begin again.

So you will see people actually offering comfort to each other when the losses far outweigh the wins. You see this sort of thing in a conflict or people going through a very hard course of some sort. The struggle bonds them together and also another factor, a common adversary: the slots/pokies machine. Yes the cold heartless machine that they are all there to fight, to defeat, to conquer… to break in front of their peers. You can have a hundred people of different sexes, races and religions who, if they met out on the street might sneer at each other, but in the casino, at the machine, they are one.

This happens because of the common struggle against an inhuman foe: the slots/pokies machine. You can also hear the people anthropomorphize their machines, giving them actual personalities. Logically we know that the machines can not have a personality. They are just a machine that may act a certain way because it gets more or less maintenance done to it because the lock on it is fiddly and the maintenance guys doesn’t always get it open to lubricate the bearings or the crew chief that in charge of that section is lax, or… well, there are a long list of things that can go wrong with a machine over time due to human error or laziness and this of course adds to its apparent personality. None the less, it’s remarkable to see it for yourself… that anthropomorphization of the machine.

And this happens all over the world, it is not specific to Australians.

There are other interesting behaviors that happen or more correctly, evolve over time in an Australian casino. There are those people who approach their favorite slots/pokie machine like a favored lover. Yes, they seek her out amongst all of the other machines for it is she They have a tendency to stroke and caress their machine of choice. They treat her like a lady with the idea in mind that if they treat her well then she will reward their faith with a win, possibly a jackpot win. Others use a physical intimidation speaking abusively and often pounding the machine with their fist. You can usually hear them above the din of the entire casino if they are having a particularly bad time of it.

It is sometimes interesting to see those who approach their machines with loving caresses look upon those who approach their machines with violence. The judgment in their eyes is quite a fascinating thing to behold. There are also those who beg and plead with their machines allowing them to be dominated by them. And then you see the two previous groups of lovers and abusers looking down upon the pleaders. All of this is very typical of the world of slots/pokies players and it is all very human behavior.

So, Australian slots/pokies machines players are as with all of humanity are very human indeed. They love their casino games as much as the rest of the world (perhaps a touch more). And their government reaps in the benefits by way of its share. So life goes in the world of gambling in the world in general and in Australia specifically.

Aussie Online Blackjack

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Australians have always loved the variations of Blackjack offered in casinos, but it has reached a new height of popularity as an online game.

It’s the same game online as it is at the local land based casino, still as rewarding and still requires the use of the mind to enhance game results. Players will use the same type of strategies they always have in a comfortable setting. Online blackjack is a welcome addition for those that are just working on their game. There is no pressure to perform in front of people. The online blackjack also has exciting elements that players won’t have access to in a traditional casino setting. The same gaming technology as used in pokies is applied to blackjack online for visual appeal and storylines. As the Internet has progressed, a player’s money is protected. Online casinos have gone through great lengths to ensure that the payment methods are safe and trusted.

Just like in the casinos, online blackjack allows players the single hand and multi-hand blackjack. Minimum wagers per hand as well as wagering table maximum per hand is possible for players also. They can fold, hit, split and double down on every hand. The payout that players get in an Australian casino are also available online. Beating the dealer still means players receive even money with blackjack paying one and a half times the player’s wager.

Many Australian blackjack players find that the online version is a better payout. Blackjack online allows the player more amounts of hands. One of the benefits of online blackjack is that the players do not have to wait for players on the same table to complete their hands. This puts the player at an advantage for winning percentage. The game itself is not as complicated as some may think, when a player begins it’s recommended they take their time strategizing. It’s better for a player not to get carried away while they’re on a winning streak. The best rule of thumb for a player is to work on increasing the bankroll slowly. The bankroll is of course, the amount of money the player has put in plus winnings.

Australian Blackjack is offered by most of the internet casinos with multiple options for play. The alternative are just slightly different from the basic blackjack game so avid players can quickly learn the rules. Blackjack players can strike it seriously rich with the progressive jackpots available. Something online blackjack boasts over the traditional casinos are players never have to wait to get onto a table. There is always a spot available for players which is a major appeal.

There are a lot of promotions around Australian blackjack due to the high amount of players and websites like are there to provide detailed information on casino promotions. There are bonuses and when you deposit, players will often get a larger bankroll to play games. This allows players to work with a lot more money, increasing chances of a large win. Players that remain loyal to one casino will be rewarded with credits, prizes and exclusive offers. Online casinos don’t have such a high standard for the “high roller” status so players can get that millionaire status.

Watch out for online casino “want to be”

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I read so much about how successful someone can become after signing up on online casinos, that it eventually made me want to try it also. I did sign up but what was about to happen was an unfortunate experience for me, so the online casino reviews I am about to write are not about great happenings.

Software problem or an excuse

As I said before, I joined Omni Casino Australia looking to add some extra cash to my monthly income. I guess this is the reason everybody does it, excepting the ones that do this as a passion or pleasure. I read a couple of instructions about how I can begin as a new member and started playing a random game. I got excited when I saw I won the game and believed I finally found something I can do with ease and fun for some supplementary dollars. But the problem soon struck when I try to cash back my earnings. I stumbled upon some website errors I didn’t know how to manage.

First, I thought it could be a problem with my internet provider but I soon discovered that other websites were functioning perfectly. All this after having an unpleasant phone conversation with my internet provider, where in the end it was me the one that looked stupid because the internet connection functioned just great. Thus I contacted the casino online support and all the answers I got were that I am the only one who has issues with the internet browser.

Some play tricks

All these events led me to the conclusion that there weren’t any problems with the browser. The only existing problem was that I got set up by some online thieves that use online casino sites as a cover for their charlatanisms. One thing is for sure, for a while from now on I will think twice before I will join an online casino; the reason is that I lost my trust in such activities. And if anyone experienced what I’ve been through I am sure she or he would understand my displeasure.

I didn’t mean to denigrate any respected and trustworthy online casinos by what I said. My online casino review is meant to pull an alarm signal that not everybody in this business have as main objective offering good quality services for their customers, thus anyone should be careful where they want to join in.

Best online casino you’ve ever experienced

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My good people, I decided today to leave online casino reviews because I have found something in the gambling universe that is definitely worth to be tried. The online casino where I am member has the best available games on today’s gambling market and great fidelity bonuses.

One of a kind entertainment

The games developed and proposed on this online casino platform are simply amazing. They are unique among others in this business and have the best graphics today’s technology can offer. I have tried it on my own and I tell you they have stuff you won’t find anywhere else. I am not a novice so online gambling isn’t something new for me. I can say I became pretty picky when it was about choosing the right online casino. But this particular online casino exceeded all my expectations.

Appreciation for active members

Another great feature I found on this online casino was that they offer bonuses for the member’s birthday, for the anniversary since you signed in, major holidays or New Years Eve. These are just extra reasons to continue gambling on their online casino and it also shows me the consideration and appreciation for me as an active member, since I’ve been investing some money by playing their games.

Didn’t I tell you this one has great online casino reviews? Just check out the internet and you will surely find more satisfied and happy members of this online casino. All the great features summed up made this online casino be a king among its competitors. What customer doesn’t want to come back if he feels that he is an important part on the business? The marketing strategies developed seem to me as being the best you can get, on today’s online casino market. And I am sure users will continue signing up on this particular casino.

Oasis of entertainment and prizes

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I got attracted by this online casino entertainment, so I signed up on one. I have to admit I was pretty amazed by the multitude of gaming possibilities and the transparency with they treated every transaction. They offered great bonuses and free spins for every new player that joined in. This is a marketing strategy but I admit I enjoyed every free spin they offered me. So I decided to offer my first online casino review.

Quality services

As a beginner player I did search for some advices on how I should play some particular games. And I was surprised to find out they had non-stop support, very quick with the solution to me problem and extremely friendly. This is something I definitely appreciate in any case when it comes to services. Also I got guidance throughout the online casino and advices on how I can easily manage my account.

It was extremely hard to decide which game I should try. Thus, eventually, I started with a game of Blackjack, because it is a game I know and I didn’t want to start with something completely new and lose form the first day. Although they had tempting online slots machines, in very diverse shapes and themes. I already set my mind on some of them that I want to try next time.

Great games with great bonuses

As a welcome present they offered me a nice bonus for my Blackjack game, but there were start bonuses for other games as well. Among the games found on the online casino I want to mention also video poker, roulette, table games and other classic casino games. From whatever side you are looking here you can find a game that will surely suits your taste.

Be very careful not to miss their offers, as they periodically grant special bonuses for a certain type of game. This is a chance to double the win besides having fun playing. They also have special treats for premium members, but that is something I will have to discover in time, as now I am only a fresh member. Anyway the main idea is that I had a lot of fun on this online casino and I will come back for sure. I will never know when luck will find me unless I play some more.

I am really happy I found this casino. It has top quality services and great game. What can I ask for more?